Landscaping to Sell – How to Maximize Curb Appeal

Maximizing Curb Appeal

If you are contemplating putting your home on the market, one of the MOST important things you can do is to update your curb appeal! The outside of your home is the first thing that potential buyers see. It sets the stage for the inside of your home. If your bushes and and flower beds look shabby, and you have peeling paint buyers are going to be turned off right when they pull up. But putting a small amount to effort into the front of your home can reap major returns and increase your equity.

So, how should you approach a big job? – Well if you have the cash, hire a professional to come in and manicure your lawn and garden. But if you are low on cash, or just don’t like the idea of hiring someone to do something you could do yourself – keep reading.

Here are some tips to up your curb appeal:

  • Walk your property through the eyes of a buyer (Is there siding that needs repaired? Do you have peeling paint? Maybe the paint is faded? Does your home look bland? What was the first thing you noticed about your home when YOU purchased it? – Highlight that.)
  • Add pops of color – Inexpensive plants and flowers can add some much needed color to the front of your home. (You can also add color through paint, maybe on the shutters or door)
  • Make sure bushes and trees are trimmed, and the grass is cut neatly (buyers don’t want to have to think about all the work it will require to make the front of the house pretty)
  • Cut down or cut back trees that are too close to the house (these are things that will be flagged during the inspection).
  • Water your grass! (Green grass is so pretty!)

Here’s what we did to our house in Plano to get it sold FAST!

~Happy Renovating~

21 thoughts on “Landscaping to Sell – How to Maximize Curb Appeal

  1. My aunt and uncle live in Plano! As do my cousins, too. I do agree with you, home sales in Plano are crazy competitive, so you really need to up your game to come out on top. Your house looks good and that black door is gorgeous.

  2. Jessica Terry

    Great ideas! It’s true that you should look at the house as if you were a potential buyer rather than yourself to see things that would be important if you were buying a new home.

  3. That’s pretty awesome. It’s been so long since I sold a house. I think these are great tips and it’s really important that you add curb appeal. It’s definitely going to attract buyers more.

  4. Earlier this year, I was thinking of selling the house and I wanted to fix it up to increase the value and the look as well. I changed my mind but I’m definitely still pushing through with the renovations. I’d love to get some tips from this post!

  5. These are good tips not just for curb appeal but also just for someone considering putting their home on the market you could Rebrand this article in so many ways if you ever wanted to! Great work

  6. Great tips. My dad will be selling his house in about a year so we’ve already been thinking about the landscaping. Sadly, all of the trees in the front yard have to be replaced because they have died but we we are working to put new ones in that give the house the right curb appeal.

  7. We have never owned a home since we got married, so we have not had to worry about this. But I remember when my mom sold our house when I was in high school that she talked a lot about ‘curb appeal’ to get the buyers interested. It worked! She sold our house a couple of weeks after it went on the market.

  8. Great tips! I must say, changing a few things really do make it look entirely different. It looks really appealing in the after photo and first impressions are very important so we totally need to pretty up that curb appeal.

  9. cvnxena

    some fantastic tips! it can be really hard to sell if it doesn’t make a good impression, I remember how hard it was to sell ours originally

  10. TColeman

    Curb appeal seriously can set a house out from others that are on the market. I know that when we have looked before the outside really sold us before we would even take a look inside.

  11. These are some awesome tips!! I can’t wait for the day I own a house. I love plants and flowers and I would love to have a pretty garden :-). I live in an apartment right now and even though I have plants it’s not the same you know. This house is gorgeous!!

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