Punch List Time!


Remodel in Progress: Kitchen backsplash is in!!

Finally Finishing Our New House!

It’s hard to believe it’s possible at this point… but we are moving into the house on Saturday! It feels like there are a million little things left to do between now and then. As I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am stunned by the realization that it feels like time has flown by. Despite the fact that we have spent the last 3 1/2 months on the remodel for this house, the last 3 weeks have been a dramatic transformation. It seems like overnight things have started coming together.

All The Things Happened This Week!

We are officially finished with ALL the tiling in the house. And let me tell you… IT WAS A LOT! Holy cow. We tiled 3 full bathrooms, a 1/2 bathroom, the kitchen and Laundry room floor, the backsplash in the kitchen, 2 fireplaces and 2 stone accent walls. Yikes. It feels like a ton just writing it all out. BUT IT IS FINALLY FINISHED. The Painting was a beast in and of itself. This house is 3600 sq ft. and every wall, cabinet and piece of trim has needed to be painted. My hands hurt. My brain hurts and I don’t want to even look at another paint brush. But alas, we’re not 100% finished with that yet. Still need to finish repainting the game room tonight, plus the trim in the Laundry room and 2 bathrooms and touchups. Ugh. So close.


Remodel in progress: The hardwoods are stained!! YAY!

To say this house has been a lot of work would be a huge understatement. We have been there every weekend until midnight every night for the last 6 weeks, we have worked every night during the week (My husband has been there until 4am some days). Huge shout out to him. Thanks, honey. (You overachiever you) And we’ve made all these sacrifices so we could be in the house by Thanksgiving. Now that it is close, I am so ecstatic!

New This Week:

This week has been BUSY, BUSY! The floors were sanded and stained, the stairs were stained and painted and the balusters were put in, and the front door was replaced!! We spent all day Saturday finishing tiling. We tiled the 2 fireplaces, the backsplash in the kitchen and the stone accent walls. Sunday, Brandon finished grouting the tile while I painted my life away. (Seriously… the ENTIRE day and I’m still not done.)

There were also lots of mishaps this week

Even though lots of great things happened, and things worked out (mostly). There were still some pretty stressful moment. These are the behind the scenes things that they don’t show on TV. And these are the things that make me thankful that we are done dealing with contractors for a while!

  1. Our original front door hinge was broken – not a simple fix because it is a solid Iron Door – so we had to find a new door and new installer because our original installer was booked for the next week.
  2. The floors were supposed to be an easy match to a color I had picked – but turned out to be a custom blend that the installer had to search everywhere to find. –  And he ended up being there until midnight several nights.
  3. The master bathroom vanity arrived with a cracked marble top – and I’m still trying to find a replacement- Sad times.

Even when things don’t go as planned, I know that they will get done eventually. Maybe I’m just getting used to doing this, but the more we go through these things, the more they roll off my back. On our first house I would have freaked out several times by now. Thus far I’ve only had one minor meltdown. I would consider that an improvement. Haha!


Formal living room fireplace! New marble tile, stained wood floors, and new paint on the mantle!

So, what’s left? – The Punch List – Finishing up the Remodel

  • Baseboards – everywhere.
  • Paint Touchups
  • Paint the gameroom
  • Hang mirrors
  • Install Lights
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Glass Shower enclosures
  • Put the bathrooms back together
  • Cleaning! All the things. (I can’t wait though, because then I can take some pretty pictures!!)

Will we get it all done?! Only time will tell. Either way… moving day is fast approaching and I can’t wait!!




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