Reno is hard, y’all!

Oh my gosh, this weekend started out with such high hopes. We were going to accomplish all this painting, get the master bathroom & closet tiled and grouted, install the freestanding tub and vanity in the master and install the vanity upstairs. Nope. Just nope. Reality slapped me in the face a lot this weekend.

Listen, things go wrong on renovation projects. If you aren’t emotionally equipped to handle that, just don’t. I have no other words of wisdom. Renovating is physically and emotionally draining. Now, I’m not a complainer… but I am a realist and this weekend was HARD! There will be weekends when you want to give up.

Here are some of the mishaps that happened to us this weekend. Needless to say we’re off schedule now. Blah.

  • The vanity we ordered for the master bath was supposed to be white. We picked it up a month ago. Did we check it then? Nope. Did I expect it to be what I ordered? Yep. We open up the box… it’s BLACK! No bueno. So, we’re supposed to have the marble template done today… time for plan B. Return the vanity, reorder a new one with a prefab marble top and sinks attached. Problem solved. Nothing wasted but time.
  • Tile. Oh man tile. Saturday went smoothly, except we started 2 hours later than we were supposed to… Sunday was another beast. We go to get started on tiling the shower, only to realize the tile order was incorrect. They gave us too much of the guest bath tile and not enough master bath tile. I guess they switched my numbers. Ugh. Easy fix… run to the store and buy more. Nothing wasted but more time.

Anyway, moral of the story. Throw your schedule out the window. ALL THE THINGS will go wrong. If it can, it will.

So… we’re a couple days behind. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I’m trying to stay focused on the positive. We have this gorgeous house. It is about 90% done AND we are going to be in it by Thanksgiving…. I don’t care if it’s not even done by then. Haha!

Anyway, if this is your first time renovating be sure to go into it thinking that things will go awry. Your budget won’t be big enough. You won’t stay on schedule. You will find problems and there will be mistakes that must be fixed.

BUT, in the end it WILL get done. And, if you stay focused, it WILL be beautiful.

Before the craziness, I WAS going to do a tutorial on how to tile. But I will save that for another day.

Instead, here are some photos of the progress on our house!!


Formal Living IN PROGRESS. Gray paint, White trim and crown, hardwood floors, New marble fireplace surround being installed soon.


Formal Living room before – this room was just very vanilla. Also, carpet. Yuck.









Kitchen and Family In Progress. Painted cabinets, gray walls and paneling. Trim is painted, floors are in.


Kitchen and Family BEFORE. Green Tile, green marble fireplace. Light oak EVERYWHERE!



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